How We Support You

As a new customer to Tracklements, we thought you'd like to know a bit more about how we support you as a stockist of our products. First of all, a big thank you for stocking Tracklements.

Why Tracklements are Different

The first way in which we support you is our products - they're all handmade in small batches with only the best, natural ingredients. We have an ethos of being fair to our suppliers as well as being as green and sustainable in our manufacturing as possible. We have solar panels on our roof and only use 100% green electricity. We know that your customers care that you're providing them with products from sustainable brands who do the right thing - and that's us! A little more about our ingredients and awards here.

Support Team

The first thing to mention is our dedicated team of experts who, collectively, have over 75 years of experience at Tracklements and even more in other sales roles before that! They can give you advice on how to merchandise Tracklements to make it fly off your shelves, which products will work best for your shop and answer any questions you may have. If you'd like to speak with your local area Tracklements expert, just get in touch!


Loyalty Scheme

We really appreciate your loyalty and dedication to selling Tracklements. So much so that we have an online loyalty scheme - Pickle Points! For every £100 of Tracklements you buy online we will give you one Pickle Point. When you have 10 Pickle Points you will get a free case on your next order as well as a star. When you Collect 3 stars in any 12 month period you will also get the choice of a bonus reward. 


Regular Promotions

We want to engage your customers as much as possible. We have a programme of regular sales-boosting promotions and new products throughout the year to keep your customers engaged. They're perfect for building a display. Keep your eyes on The Pickle Paper and our PROMOTIONS tab for up to date info.


Special Editions

Each year we have a limited number of cases of Special Edition products. These products have an eye-catching gold-foiled label and are prefect for drawing the attention of your customers and getting them into the Tracklements range.

Making Sure your Customers Know Tracklements

We invest heavily in consumer PR, making sure when your customers are browsing through papers or magazines that they see Tracklements - this means that they hunt out products and know the brand before getting to your shelves.


First Order

When you're ready to order and we've set you up, when you first log in online you'll see we've made a suggested first order for you - this comprises of award-winning and best-selling products which we think will sell particularly well through your outlet. You can also click on the blue star on any product to add it to your favourites, making it easier to find next time you log in.


Running a Tasting In Store?

We know from experience that when people try Tracklements, they love them! This is why we encourage you to run tastings and support you with free taster jars. If you're planning on running a tasting, simply pop the details in the notes box when you get to the order summary page and we'll send you a taster jar and crackers to help you along.


Stockist Locator

We want to shout loud and proud that people can come and buy Tracklements from you. When you place your first order we will add you to our Stockist Locator so the local community know they can come and buy from you.



Under the DOWNLOADS tab you'll find point of sale material and recipes that you can download and print out to make signs or give away to customers. There's also some handy information such as an excel spreadsheet of our RRPs, barcodes etc. and which products are gluten free and vegan friendly. This area is fairly new so please bear with us whilst we populate it.

Chat box

We appreciate how busy you are which is why we've added a chat box to our trade website. You'll find it in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and Debbie will answer your questions.