Anniversary Products and a Launch Promotion

This March, to celebrate our 50th birthday, we will be launching 3 of your best-sellers in eye-catching gold labels. As if this weren’t enough, we’re also adding a commemorative Stoneware Mustard Jar to the offering. These products, which fly off the shelf on a normal day, are perfect for building a display and creating even more interest.

To help make even more of this opportunity, don’t forget to order the promotion – a bundle of 2 cases of each of these products which, when you order, we’ll send you eye-catching bunting and POS material to create a display to wow.

Food Unwrapped...Featuring Proper Tomato Ketchup

We’re thrilled to announce that our Proper Tomato Ketchup will feature on Food Unwrapped this March. Are you ready for the TV Effect?

Last time Tracklements was featured on telly, sales of the featured product went up by 737%. We’d love you to be part of this uplift so make sure you have our Proper Tomato Ketchup front and centre.

The show will air on Monday 9th March at 8.30pm. Download this POS now and display next to your Proper Tomato Ketchup!



Celebrating 50 Years of Mustard Making: Quote from our Friend, Sophie Grigson

Famed English cookery writer and celebrity cook, Sophie Grigson, shares her first memories of Tracklements:

When I was young, my parents occasionally took me to a small restaurant in the Wiltshire town of Calne.   It was presided over by an incredibly tall, welcoming man who became a family friend - William Tullberg.  Around that time he started experimenting with home-made mustard, grinding the seeds, as far as I recall, in an old coffee mill.   From this grew this wonderful mustard and relish empire that is marking its 50th birthday.   

It must, then, have been in Tracklements’ infancy, that William brandished an enormous knife, rain dripping from hair, fingers and blade, at my father's and my combined 96th birthday party.  Before him was a huge, succulent ham, which he sliced gleefully despite the grim summer weather.   The ham was, of course, surrounded by a fine array of his mustards.   An uncompromisingly magnificent sight all round.”

Only the Best Ingredients: Our Quince

 We only use the best, tastiest ingredients. That’s why we choose to get our quince, for our Quince Fruit Cheese, from our grower in Somerset. Quince were first recorded in England in about 1275 when Edward I had some planted at the Tower of London. Part of the apple family, not only do they have a beautifully pretty blossom, they’re also high in pectin which makes them perfect for making our Quince Fruit Cheese. Our fruit cheeses are truly a labour of love. Quince Fruit Cheese is wonderful with Manchego and is a must for the cheeseboard.

New Prices - from 1st April

We work with British farmers and spice growers from all over the world - we believe in forging strong relationships as well as paying them a fair price. As you know, our ingredients are always of the highest quality which we believe is one of the secrets to our great taste. We source locally or regionally where possible and remain committed to sourcing the best ingredients and pursuing our environmental policies. Whilst we work hard with our suppliers to minimise any cost rises, we’ve received progressive increases on raw ingredients which we need to pass on. We thank you for your continued custom and support.

New prices will be effective from 1st April 2020. Any orders placed before this date will, of course, be charged at existing prices.


Cheese Pairing of the Month: Apricot & Ginger Chutney and Camembert

This month’s perfect cheese pairing is the fabulous Apricot & Ginger Chutney paired with a soft, camembert. The rich, fruitiness of the apricots and the gentle warmth from the fresh ginger complement this delightful cheese perfectly.

Recipe of the Month: Lamb, Feta and Apricot & Ginger Chutney Salad

If your customers are looking for a simple yet scrumptious spring recipe to delight, look no further. Perfect to use up the leftover Sunday roast, this Lamb, Feta and Apricot & Ginger Chutney Salad is super served with warm bread as a fabulous lunch!

Always Working Towards a Greener Planet

Did you know? We're audited by Sedex - they're a global organisation which scrutinises the working conditions of both our staff and those in our supply chain to ensre that social and employee welfare standards are maintained and promoted and that the working envionment is safe and people are treated's not just the ingredients we use that we give lots of care and attention.